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Morning session
Moderators: René Van den Berg – Emmanuel Houdart

Problems and complications from endovascular treatment of acute ischaemic stroke
Andersson T., (Stockholm, SWEDEN)

Complications of mechanical thrombectomy for acute ischemic stroke – a retrospective single-center study of 176 consecutive cases
Behme D., Kowoll A., Mpotsaris A., Weber W., (Recklinghausen, GERMANY)

The use of stentrievers is not associated with improved outcomes in our intra-arterial thrombectomy cohort
Birnbaum L., Koebbe C., (San Antonio, UNITED STATES)

ICA dissection: How to recanalyze?
Cognard C., Januel A.C. (Toulouse, FRANCE)

Basilar occlusion : Which vertebral artery should we go through?
Cognard C., Januel A.C. (Toulouse, FRANCE)

Dedicated 3-Tesla MRI vessel wall imaging of the intracranial vasculature following stent-retriever mechanical thrombectomy
Hsieh K.W.V., Gralla J., Zubler C., Mordasini P., Jung S., Schroth G., Kellner-Weldon F., El-Koussy M., (Berne, SWITZERLAND)

e-ASPECTS For Patient Selection in Stroke Trials
Schmitt A.J., (London, UNITED KINGDOM); Grunwald I.Q., (Chelmsford, UNITED KINGDOM)

1224 acute stroke treatment in Italy. A multicenter register
Bergui M. (Turin, ITALY)

Which patients benefit from vertebral artery interventions. Update on the VIST trial
Clifton A., (London, UNITED KINGDOM); Markus H., (Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM); Kuker W., Rothwell P., (Oxford, UNITED KINGDOM)

Embolus Retriever With Interlinked Cage (Eric) Device In The Treatment Of Acute Ischemic Stroke: Initial Experience
Macho-Fernandez J., Blasco J., Lopez-rueda A., San roman L.(Barcelona, SPAIN), Finkenzeller T.(Nuernberg, GERMANY), Reis J.(Lisbon, PORTUGAL), Moreno A. (Murcia, SPAIN)

Initial single-center experience with the ADAPT Technique for endovascular treatment of acute stroke
Blanc R., Redjem H., Bartolini B., Pistocchi S., Fahed R., Piotin M. (Paris, France)

Proximal-to-Distal Approach in the Treatment of Tandem Occlusions Causing an Acute Stroke
Turk A., Spiotta A., (Charleston, UNITED STATES)

EmboTrap – early experience with a novel thrombectomy device for acute ischaemic stroke
Andersson T., Söderman M., (Stockholm, SWEDEN); Liebig T., (Cologne, GERMANY); Holtmannspötter M., (Copenhagen, DENMARK); Mendes Pereira V., (Geneva, SWITZERLAND); Thornton J., (Dublin, IRELAND)

Initial Clinical Experience of the Penumbra ACE Reperfusion Catheter in Acute Ischemic Stroke Therapy
Farkas J., Arcot K., Azhar S., Janjua S., (Brooklyn, UNITED STATES)

Afternoon session
Moderators: Serge Bracard – Georges Rodesch

Mechanical thrombectomy with the Penumbra Separator 3D in concert with lesional aspiration – initial experience with 50 cases
Behme D., Kowoll A., Mpotsaris A., Weber W., (Recklinghausen, GERMANY)

Penumbra 5MAX-ACE: Initial Experience with Technical Aspects, Clinical Outcomes and Cost Analysis
Stemer A., Bank W., Armonda R., Liu A.H., Bell R., (Washington, UNITED STATES)

Iatrogenic fenestration in stroke treatment with combined dissection and distal occlusion – an option?
Undrén P. (Lund, SWEDEN)

Thrombectomy through a recanalized cronically occluded vertebral artery
Söderman M., Andersson T., Holmin S., Kuntze Söderqvist A., Ohlsson M., Sjöstrand C., (Stockholm, SWEDEN)

A case of hypoperfusion and ischemic retinopathy
Söderman M., Andersson T., Holmin S., Kuntze Söderqvist A, Ohlsson M., Thoren M., (Stockholm, SWEDEN)

Update on UK Flow Diverter Registry
White P., (Newcastle Upon Tyne, UNITED KINGDOM)

Update on UK Stroke trials
White P., (Newcastle Upon Tyne, UNITED KINGDOM)

Intravenous Flat Detector CT angiography in the long term follow-up of intracranial stents: single center experience
Struffert T., Kloska S., Engelhorn T., Goelitz P., Lang S., Doerfler A., (Erlangen, GERMANY)

A novel Flat-Detector CT application to perform time resolved perfusion imaging within the angio suite: preliminary results in comparison to conventional CT/MR perfusion imaging
Struffert T., Engelhorn T., Kloska S., Goelitz P., Lang S., Mennecke A., Doerfler A., (Erlangen, GERMANY); Deuerling-Zheng Y., (Forchheim, GERMANY); Strother C., (Madison, UNITED STATES)

New Clinical Trial in China about Intracranial Artery Stenting – Design & Progress of CASSISS
Ling F., Jiao L. (Beijing, CHINA)

THRACE study. Intermediate results
Bracard S., Ducrocq X., Guillemin F., Hosseini K. (Nancy, FRANCE); Thrace investigators A. (FRANCE)