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Morning session
Moderators: Mario Muto – Jacques Dion 


Application of cone-beam CT for neuro-endovascular therapy
Matsumaru Y., Sato M., Amano T., (Tokyo, JAPAN)

Spot Fluoro – A novel innovative approach to reduce the dose in interventional procedures
Borota L., (Uppsala, SWEDEN); Patz A. (Zoetermeer, NETHERLANDS); Sakaguch T. (Otawara, JAPAN)

High Resolution intraluminal imaging using an ultrathin scanning fibre endoscope
Krings T., Mcveigh P., Sacho R., (Toronto, CANADA)

Neuro-interventional Application of a New Micro Vascular Plug Device.
Tateshima S., (Los angeles, UNITED STATES); Sakai N., (Kobe, JAPAN); Jankowitz B., (Pittsburgh, UNITED STATES); Ortiz R., (New York, UNITED STATES); Jindal G., (Baltimore, UNITED STATES)

Mechanical Balloon Thromboembolectomy for the Treatment of Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis (CVST): A Retrospective Analysis of Safety and Efficacy in 87 Consecutive Patients
Frei D., (Denver, UNITED STATES)

Pre-operative embolization of glomus tympanicum with ethanol : our experience.
Vanlangenhove P., Dhondt E., Dik A., Defreyne L., (Ghent, BELGIUM)

Safety and Efficacy of Image guided Bleomycin Sclerotherapy for Orbital Lymphatic Malformations
Paramasivam S., Berenstein A., (New York, UNITED STATES); Fay A., (Boston, UNITED STATES)

A complication to intraarterial chemotherapy of tonsillar squamos carcinoma
Söderman M., Andersson T., Holmin S., Kuntze söderqvist A., Ohlsson M., Hietala A., (Stockholm, SWEDEN)

Reconstitution of occluded ICA via Vasa Vasorum in a longstading CCF
Choi I.S., (Burlington, UNITED STATES)

Afternoon session
Moderators: Mats Cronqvist – Massimo Galucci


2 weird dural arterio-venous fistulas
Choi I.S., (Burlington, UNITED STATES)

A very unusual evolution of an intracranial DAVF in an adult patient
Houdart E., (Paris, FRANCE)

Falcotentorial junction Dural AVF radioanatomic consideration and endovascular treatment
Islak C., Kocer N., Kizilkilic O., (Istanbul, TURKEY)

The arterio-venous dural fistulas of the Foramen Magnum
Quilici L., (Milan, ITALY)

Venous characteristics of intracranial DAVF presenting with dementia : about a series of 8 cases
Houdart E., (Paris, FRANCE)

Adult type of DAVF in a children – bad progression with appearance of new shunt and bleeding after twice angiographic cure
Piske R., Baccin C.E., Abud T., Barroso M., (SÃo Paulo, BRAZIL)

Handling of dural fistulae with enlarged sinus : experience in 3 patients
Chapot R. (Essen, GERMANY)

Double lumen balloon for Onyx injection in dural arteries : experience in 15 patients
Mosimann P., Ferraz F., Stracke P., Chapot R. (Essen, GERMANY)

Analysis of 24 False Negative Spinal Angiograms Performed in 16 Patients with Vascular Malformations Subsequently Documented by Angiography: What Went Wrong and How to Avoid it.
Gailloud P., Heck D., Pardo C., (Baltimore, UNITED STATES); Greenberg B., (Dallas, UNITED STATES)

Cervical paraspinal AVF – failed endovascular treatment?
Taylor A., Lefeuvre D., (Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA)

Sacral spinal dural fistulas
Le Feuvre D., Taylor A., (Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA)