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Morning session
Moderators: Michel Mawad – Makoto Negoro

Telescopic stenting: Antegrade or Retrograde?
Chapot R., Stracke P., (Essen, GERMANY)

Stent through balloon technique: T and 1/2 T Stenting
Chapot R., Stracke P., Nordmeyer H., Heddier M., Stauder M., Mosimann P., (Essen, GERMANY)

A Novel Neck-sealing Balloon Technique for Distal Access Through a Giant Aneurysm
Kono K., Terada T., (Wakayama, JAPAN)

Intraaneurysmal Remodeling Technique – Effective Protection Of The Branch Incorporated Into The Body Of The Aneurysm
Borota L., (Uppsala, SWEDEN)

Volume coils: technical considerations
Kulcsar Z., Rüfenacht D., Wanke I., (Zurich, SWITZERLAND)

Multi-Center Experience with the Penumbra PC 400 Detachable Coil
Chaudry M.I., Spiotta A., Turner R., Turk A., (Charleston, UNITED STATES); Baxter B., Quarfordt S., Rosen P., (Chattanooga, UNITED STATES); Frei D., (Denver, UNITED STATES); Patel A., Mascitelli J., New York, UNITED STATES)

Extended experience with Penumbra Coil 400 versus standard coils in the embolization of cerebral aneurysms: a retrospective review
Patel A., Mascitelli J., Polykarpou M., Patel A., Moyle H., (New York, UNITED STATES)

The Penumbra Coil 400 System Beyond Intracranial Aneurysms – Initial Experience with 19 Unusual Lesions
Gailloud P., Wyse E., Radvany M., Monica P., (Baltimore, UNITED STATES)

Does the occlusion ratio improvement obtained with Penumbra coils PC 400 prevent recurrence onset?
Berge J., (Bordeaux, FRANCE); Masso Romero J., (San Sebastian, SPAIN)

A case of memory impairment after aneurysm embolisation
Söderman M., Andersson T., Holmin S., Kuntze Söderqvist A., Bergdahl J., (Stockholm, SWEDEN)

Are new techniques risky, or is it the doctor…?
Brouwer P., Emmer B (Rotterdam, NETHERLANDS)

Regulation is needed for new implants in aneurysm treatment
Houdart E., Lariboisière, (Paris, FRANCE)

Management of Difficult Aneurysms – Help!
Chong W., Slater L.A., (Clayton, AUSTRALIA)

A potential manner to get distal access in difficult circumstances of large and giant aneurysm
Cronqvist M., (Copenhagen, DENMARK)

Repeated Aneurysm Interventions
Beneš V., Steklacova A., Charvat F., (Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC)

Clipping is dead. Long live clipping
Taylor A., Lefeuvre D., (Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA)

Afternoon session
Moderators: Alain Weill – Gerhard Schroth

Proximal occlusion for ruptured vertebral artery dissecting aneurysm (VADA) involving the origin of posterior inferior cerebellar artery (PICA)
Hara Y., (Kobe, JAPAN)

Flow Diverter treatment of intradural vertebral artery dissections: single center experience
Struffert T., Engelhorn T., Kloska S., Goelitz P., Lang S., Roesch J., Doerfler A., (Erlangen, GERMANY)

Basilar artery hemorrhagic dissections
Anxionnat R, Derelle AL, Barbier C, Bracard S., (Nancy, FRANCE)

Vertebral artery dissection with simultaneous occurrence of ischemia & hemorrhage
Negoro M., Miyazaki A., Taki H., Shibamoto K., (Ichinomiya-Nagoya, JAPAN)

High resolution MRI and dissecting aneurysm
He C. (Beijing, CHINA)

Synchrotron radiation angiography
He C. (Beijing, CHINA)

Initial Experience with p64
Felber S. (Koblenz, GERMANY)


Association of smoking with atherosclerotic intracranial stenosis in young adults
Suh D.C., Kim J.S., (Seoul, SOUTH KOREA)

Patterns of Endothelial Trauma in Mechanical Thrombectomy for Acute Ischemic Stroke: Lessons from a Live Cell Artificial Vessel System for Penumbra, TREVO and Solitaire FR
Khalessi A., Teng D., Chien S., (La Jolla, UNITED STATES)

Can we afford to ignore advances in medical Neuro Simulation?
Grunwald I.Q., (Chelmsford, UNITED KINGDOM); Schmitt A.J., (London, UNITED KINGDOM)

The US Multi-center ADAPT Technique Experience
Turk A., (Charleston, UNITED STATES)

Prospective stroke thrombectomy experience in a busy US stroke center in 100 consecutive patients in 2013
Frei D., (Denver, UNITED STATES)