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Morning session
Moderators: Naci Kocer – Michael Söderman


ARUBA : a view from an active participant
Houdart E., (Paris, FRANCE)

Pressure Cooker Technique : Experience in 61 patients
Chapot R., Stracke P., Mosimann P., Stauder M., Nordmeyer H., Heddier M., (Essen, GERMANY)

Transvenous “reverse pressure-cooker technique” for curative embolization for arteriovenous malformations
Koyanagi M., Stracke P., Pascal M., Heddier M., Nordmeyer H., Stauder M., Schooss P., Chapot R. (Essen, GERMANY)

From 2D to 3D: Improvements in Brain AVMs Imaging; First Results of a Segmentation Algorithm; Interest of the Convex Spherical Anamorphosis; Usefulness of 3D Autostereoscopy
Clarençon F., Maizeroi-Eugène F., Bresson D., Sourour N., Di Maria F., Chiras J., (Paris, FRANCE); Maingreaud F., (St Denis, FRANCE); Ayoub D., Salem S., Couquet C., Mounayer C., (Limoges, FRANCE)

NBCA and the Apollo detachable tip catheter a new paradigm
Berenstein A (New York, UNITED STATES)

Minute diffusion abnormalities in neonatal high flow malformations: a predictor of poor outcome?
Van den berg R., Academic Medical Center Amsterdam, (Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS)

Embolization of lenticulostriate arteries in deep brain AVMs
Lopez-Ibor L., Moreu M., (Majadahonda, SPAIN)

Afternoon session
Moderators: Allan Taylor – Timo Krings

Intracranial navigation and AVM embolization with dual lumen balloon catheter
Leesch W., Sanderson F. (Newport news, UNITED STATES)

Brain AVM embolization: A never seen complication
Cognard C., Januel A.C. (Toulouse, FRANCE)

Onyx embolization of VGAM’s : 2 cases
Vanlangenhove P., Dhondt E., Dik A., Defreyne L., (Ghent, BELGIUM)

Resolution of Vein of Galen aneurysmal dilitation with limited arterial Onyx embolization
Larson T., (Centennial, UNITED STATES)

Endovascular treatment of Vein of Galen Malformations – Results, Techniques and Evolution. A 20 years Single Center Experience
Meila D., Brassel F. (Duisburg, GERMANY)

Long-term Experience with VP-shunting of Hydrocephalus in Children with Vein of Galen Malformation
Meila D., Brassel F. (Duisburg, GERMANY)

First experience with a new intermedier catheter in the treatment of an adult v. of Galen malformation
Gál G. (Odense, DENMARK)


CFD parameter estimation of hemodynamic treatment clinical results.
Islak C., Kocer N., Kizilkilic O., Sumbuloglu E., Bozdag E., (Istanbul, TURKEY)

Regression of unruptured aneurysm after stent-alone treatment: CFD analysis by rapid processing prototype SW
Suh D.C., Yu H., (Seoul, SOUTH KOREA)

Variable porosity of the Pipeline device under various conditions of single and multi-device use
Shapiro M., Becske T., Raz E., Nelson P.K., (New York, UNITED STATES)