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Morning session
Moderators: Daniel Roy – Philip White

In vitro Comparison of the Permeability Index between flow diverters and the WEB device
Costalat V., (Montpellier, FRANCE)

Affecting flow diverting stents the intra-aneurysmal pressure?
Groden C., Kerl U. (Mannheim, GERMANY)

Evolution of stent endothelialization and thrombosis in giant fusiform aneurysms following flow diversion: a histo-pathological study
Szikora I., Marosfoi M., (Budapest, HUNGARY); Eszter T., Racz G., (Budapesst, HUNGARY)

Risk of flow diverter treatment of small aneurysms. A subgroup analysis from the INTREPED study
Szikora I., Gubucz I., Marosfoi M., Berentei Z., Intreped I., (Budapest, HUNGARY)

Treatment of Giant Intracranial aneurysms with Pipeline: INtrePED results
Hanel R., Kallmes D. (Jacksonville, UNITED STATES), Szikora I. (Budapest, HUNGARY), Inpreped investigators (Rochester, UNITED STATES)

Flow diverting stents in the treatment of aneurysms in children. The Great Ormond Street Hospital experience
Rennie A., Robertson F., Brew S., Roebuck D., Bhate S., Ganesan V., (London, UNITED KINGDOM)

Flow diversion with adjunctive coiling: introducing the FACE study
Kulcsar Z., (Zurich, SWITZERLAND)

LARGE aneurysm trial: Flow diversion versus traditional endovascular coiling therapy
Turk A. (Charleston, UNITED STATES)

Flow Diversion for Large and Giant Posterior Circulation Aneurysms
Siddiqui A., Levy E., Snyder K., Nataranjan S., Ning L., Hopkins L. (Buffalo, UNITED STATES)

Afternoon session
Moderators: Tommy Andersson – Istvan Szikora

Distal aneurysm following placement of pipeline embolization device
Bohnstedt B., Hsu D., Denardo A., Leipzig T., Scott J., (Indianapolis, UNITED STATES)

Subacute development of multiple parenchymal lesions in two patients following Pipeline-coil embolization
Shapiro M., Nelson P.K., Becske T., (New York, UNITED STATES)

Some interesting results following treatments of intracranial aneurysms with FDs
Gál G. (Odense, DENMARK)

Use of the WEB device in acutely ruptured aneurysms: UK experience
Patankar T., (Leeds, UNITED KINGDOM); Thomas A., (Birmingham, UNITED KINGDOM); Bhattacharya J., Dervin J., (Glasgow, UNITED KINGDOM); Nahser H., (Liverpool, UNITED KINGDOM)

The Web UK National Audit
Bhattacharya J., Sellar R., (Glasgow, UNITED KINGDOM); Lamin S., Thomas A., (Birmingham, UNITED KINGDOM); Patanker T., Goddard A., (Leeds, UNITED KINGDOM); Gholkar A., White P., (Newcastle, UNITED KINGDOM)

Use of WEB device in 42 acute ruptured aneurysms – German experiences
Berlis A., (Augsburg, GERMANY); Liebig T., (KÖln, GERMANY); Weber W., (Recklinghausen, GERMANY); Klisch J., (Erfurt, GERMANY)

The new WEB device – experiences of two cases with improved radioopacity
Berlis A., (Augsburg, GERMANY); Liebig T., (KÖln, GERMANY)

WEB in complex shape aneurysms – flow disruption and beyond
Mpotsaris A., Kabbasch C., Henning T., Dorn F., Liebig T., (Köln, GERMANY)

Safety of WEB Flow Disruption: WEBCAST preliminary results and illustrative cases
Pierot L., (Reims, FRANCE)

A serie of interesting consecutive follow-up results withdrawn from our WEB experience: A need to propose a new classification for aneurysm occlusion?..
Cekirge S., Yavuz K., Saatci I., (Ankara, TURKEY); Geyik S., (Istanbul, TURKEY)

Endovascular Treatment Results of MCA Bifurcation Aneurysms with Flow Diversion/Modification using PED Device
Yavuz K., Cekirge S., Saatci I., (Ankara, TURKEY); Geyik S., (Istanbul, TURKEY)

Acute thrombosis of a pcom aneurysm following cessation of clopidogrel which initially failed to occlude with flow divertor treatment
Geyik S., (Istanbul, TURKEY); Yavuz K., Cekirge S., Saatci I., (Ankara, TURKEY)

Mid-term follow-up in wide neck bifurcation aneurysms treated using pCONus, a waffle cone device: The Besançon experience
Biondi A., Pomero E., Descourvieres F., Lemounaud P., (Besançon, FRANCE)

Can Enterprise stent work as a flow diverter?
Nemoto S., (Tokyo, JAPAN)

LVIS/LVIS Jr. stents in the treatment of wide neck intracranial aneurysms-Polish multicenter registry
Poncyljusz W., Kojder I., (Szczecin, POLAND); Bilinski P., Jaworski M., (Warsaw, POLAND); Baron J., Zbroszczyk M., (Katowice, POLAND); Bereza S., (Wrocław, POLAND)

Stent assisted coiling using the Acandis Acclino Stent and short term follow up
Koerner H., Reith W., (Homburg, GERMANY)

Hemodynamic effects by stent struts and stent-induced straightening of vessels in stent-assisted coil embolization
Kono K., Terada T., (Wakayama, JAPAN)