ABC WIN Seminar

Dear Colleagues, dear Friends, 

The 2024 session of the ABC WIN meeting has again been a great success and has allowed around 500 participants coming from all over the world to meet at the Centre Henri Oreiller in Val d’Isère last January. We thank all participants for their dedication, faithfulness and interest in this specific meeting that still is considered by all of you as unique in its form and scientific content.
So, be ready now for the ABC WIN sessions that we prepare for January 12-17, 2025, during which we will keep the usual frame of the Val d’Isère meeting:
Sunday January 12, 2025:  the now classical and well attended ABC session  will be dedicated to the study of "the conus medullaris and its environments" from both anatomical and pathological aspects. Distinguished international renowned speakers will share with us their experience and will enrich our knowledge about that important anatomical structure that can be the cradle of several pathologies.
From Monday January 13 to Friday January 17, 2025: usual WIN sessions dedicated to the free discussions of abstracts that have been submitted. Please have a look at the website to be familiar with the course of the various sessions. 

Be aware that your abstract will be presented only within the dedicated session to which its belongs, in order to allow a harmonious development of the meeting.Thank you for your understanding about this matter.
You are also cordially invited to the friendly dinner that will be held Tuesday January 14, 2025. More information will be shared with you later on. 
Do not hesitate to consult regularly our website. You will find all details concerning the registrations, hotels, and abstracts. 
Please consider to send the abstracts of the topics you would like to present far in advance as noted on the website: this allows us to prepare properly the various sessions of the WIN and respect the free discussions that we all expect to arise.
We sincerely hope that you will look forward to come back to Val d’Isère in 2025 and participating to more thrilling sessions!
Stay safe in the meantime and once again thank you for your faithfulness!
Serge Bracard - Georges Rodesch - René Anxionnat - Arturo Consoli


Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends

We have the deep sadness to announce you that Professor Luc Picard, founder of the WIN meeting in Val d'Isère, has passed away Monday April 12, 2021.

It is a huge loss for our community and for interventional neuroradiology. Without him, his ongoing dedication, involvement and enthusiasm about the future of our speciality, the ABCWIN meeting would not have reached the level it has achieved and would not be what it is: an assembly where science, friendship, humanism and ethical concerns have met every January for nearly 40 years. All qualities that Luc Picard infused in his daily practice and behaviour.
Interventional Neuroradiology has lost one of his fathers. His legacy will never be forgotten.

Serge Bracard
Georges Rodesch