Call for Abstracts

Submission is now open!


Before submitting your abstract, thank you for paying attention to the following guidelines:

  • You will be able to submit abstracts in each topic, but a maximum of 3 abstracts per topic is allowed.
  • Please make sure to submit a brief description of work, in order to allow a better allocation of abstracts in the programme
  • In order to allow us to build up properly a first draft of the development of the WIN sessions, please send your abstracts before December 1st 2019.

Of course, as usual, all abstracts sent after that date and during the meeting will always be accepted.


You will have to choose between the following topics:

  • Miscellaneous
  • Aneurysm
  • AVMs
  • Dural fistulas
  • Stroke
  • Spine & Spinal cord

Please be aware that, your abstract may be moved to another topic of submission, if the Reviewing Committee consider that it should be allocated in a more appropriate topic.

On site presentation

For your on site presentation please prepare your PowerPoint in English and in 16/9 format.
Please also make sure to bring with you a copy of your presentation on your USB stick, your external hard drive, or on your laptop, with your video adaptors (HDMI highly recommended).
You will be able to load your presentation in the control room located beside the welcome area, or directly in the conference room on the left side of the stage.

Any question?

If you have any query regarding the Seminar’s program, you can contact Lize CORBIN, from Europa Organisation at
For technical question regarding abstracts or submission, please contact the support department at this address: